Abbr. of War Full Name Dates Notes View
1798 1798 Rebellion 1798 Irish Republican rebellion against British rule in Ireland. led by Wolfe Tone and others. Memorials | Persons
1798/1803 Rebellion of 1798 or 1803 1798/1803 Some memorials do not distinguish. Memorials | Persons
1803 Robert Emmet Rebellion of 1803 1803 Irish Republican rebellion against British rule in Ireland, led by Robert Emmet Memorials | Persons
1848 1848 Rebellion 1848 Irish Republican rebellion against British rule in Ireland. Memorials | Persons
1867 1867 Rebellion (Fenian Rising) 1867 Irish Republican rebellion against British rule in Ireland. Memorials | Persons
1916 Easter Rising of 1916 1916 Irish Republican rebellion against British rule in Ireland, led by Patrick Pearse, James Connolly and others. Memorials | Persons
7YW Seven Years War 1756/1763 War by Engand against French and Spanish for control of north America. Memorials | Persons
9YW Nine Years War 1594 - 1603 War between Irish and English, ending in the Flight of the Earls. Memorials | Persons
Afghanistan I Afghanistan I 1879 - 80 British colonisation of northern India. Memorials | Persons
Afghanistan II Afghanistan II 2001 - ? U.N. war against Taliban Memorials | Persons
All All conflicts All Memorials | Persons
American Civil War American Civil War 1861-1865 Memorials | Persons
American Indian wars American Indian wars c.1750 - 1890 Series of wars and battles between American Indians (native Americans) and settlers. Memorials | Persons
Boer 1 Anglo-Boer Wars 1880 - 1881 South Africa, to confirm British rule. Memorials | Persons
Boer II Anglo-Boer Wars 1899 - 1902 South Africa, to confirm British rule Memorials | Persons
Burma Anglo-Burma Wars 1824 - 26, 1852 - 53, 1885 - 87 British colonisation of Bengal, then part of India. Memorials | Persons
China China Wars 1839-42 and 1857-62 War between Britain and China, which wanted to ban the import of opium. Memorials | Persons
Civil War Irish Civil War 1922 - 1923 War between forces for and against the Anglo-Irish Treaty. Memorials | Persons
Crimea Crimean War 1854 - 1856 Britain and France against Russia, to limit Russian power. Memorials | Persons
Cromwell Cromwellite invasion 1649-1653 Memorials | Persons
Cyprus Cypriot War of Independence 1955 - 1959 Guerilla war by Greek Cypriots against British rule. Memorials | Persons
E. Africa East Africa 1898 Colonial war. Memorials | Persons
Egypt & Sudan Campaigns in north and central Africa 19th century British colonisation of Africa. Memorials | Persons
Falklands Falklands War 1982 Falklands War (Spanish: Guerra de las Malvinas), was a war between Argentina and the United Kingdom over the Falkland Islands (also known in Spanish as the Islas Malvinas) and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, between March and June of 1982. Memorials | Persons
Franco-Prussian Franco-Prussian War 1870/71 Memorials | Persons
Gn General None Memorials | Persons
India British Army campaigns in India 1744 - 1932 Wars during colonisation of India. Memorials | Persons
Korean Korean War 1950 - 1953 U.N. campaign (22 nations) to repel invasion of South Korea by North Korea. Memorials | Persons
Malaya Malayan Emergency 1948-60 War between commonwealth forces and the (Communist) Malayan National Liberation Armyn Memorials | Persons
Multiple Multiple wars 1690 - 1982 Memorials to several conflicts Memorials | Persons
Napoleonic French & Napoleonic Wars 1793 - 1815 Memorials | Persons
New Zealand Maori Wars 1845-47 and 1860-66 British campaigns of colonisation of new Zealand. Memorials | Persons
Northern Campaign Northern Campaign 1941-1944 IRA campaign against British rule in Northern Ireland Memorials | Persons
OAS On active service [-] Deaths of military personnel on active service, not during a war. Memorials | Persons
Palestine Palestinian Revolt 1936 - 1939 Arab guerilla war against British Mandate (from League of Nations) and Jewish immigration. Memorials | Persons
Risings Various small actions in Ireland 18th and 19th centuries Memorials | Persons
S.Africa South Africa Memorials | Persons
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Civil War 1991-2002 Memorials | Persons
Spain Spanish Civil War 1936 - 1939 Memorials | Persons
U.N. United Nations duties 1960 to present Irish Army forces on United Nations duty Memorials | Persons
Vietnam Vietnam War 1955-75 Memorials | Persons
W. of I. War of Independence 1919 - 1921+ Guerilla fight against British rule in Ireland. Memorials | Persons
W.Africa West Africa Memorials | Persons
Williamite Williamite or Jacobite War 1688-1690 War between Catholic King James II of England, who had been deposed, and his son-in-law, Protestant William III (William of Orange) who ruled jointly with his wife, Queen Mary II, James’s daughter. Memorials | Persons
WW I World War 1 1914 - 1918/19 Europe, Middle East and Africa. Memorials | Persons
WW II World War II 1939 - 1945 World-wide Memorials | Persons
Zulu Anglo-Zulu War 1879 Memorials | Persons
[-] None given All Memorials | Persons