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County Site Date Added
Dublin City 02 Dublin 02, Pearse Station 6th July 2020
Tipperary Roscrea Castle 6th July 2020
Dublin County Rush, Quay Road 27th June 2020
Dublin City 03 Dublin 03, St. Joseph's School 18th June 2020
Antrim Lisburn, Leprosy Mission NI 17th June 2020
Cork City Cork, Public Museum 14th June 2020
Wicklow Dunlavin 12th June 2020
Limerick County Anglesborough 9th June 2020
Dublin City 11 Dublin 11, Finglas, Casement Road 7th June 2020
Cork County Kildorrery 7th June 2020
Dublin City 08 Dublin 08, St. Mary's Hospital, Phoenix Park 2nd June 2020
Limerick County Martinstown 1st June 2020
Dublin City 08 Dublin 08, Phoenix Park, Visitors' Centre 28th May 2020
Dublin City 07 Dublin 07, Croppies' Acre 27th May 2020
Dublin City 08 Dublin 08, Phoenix Park, Chesterfield Avenue, 14th May 2020